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Coaching Specialities


Coaching Specialities

reFre5h Life Coaching specializes in transformation. Our work together will help you gain clarity, realize your potential and take action to achieve your life goals. I tune you into your strengths and needs and keep you accountable, with a practical no nonsense approach along with a warm and professional demeanour. I will inspire you, and lead with intention, supporting you to understand your emotions, the way you think and act so you can manage those behaviours appropriately and responsibly in order that you move forward in your life.  I encourage your focus and commitment and hold you accountable to your goals and dreams.



Performance Coaching

A powerful plan designed to get you on track, to take action on what you have been putting off.  You know that voice, the one that traps you in negativity by dwelling endlessly on what is missing…well we stop that! We will focus on strengths instead of what is lacking.   Reflective thinking to make the most of the past to live a better NOW will allow you to process events in your life and improve moving forward.


Health and Wellness Coaching

The transforming of your health will transform your life.  Are you finally ready to make a CHANGE? Do you want a life with greater VITALITY? Are you serious about committing to transforming your health and life…once and for all? Do you have unwanted weight, inches to lose and are unsure where to start?  Together will design a program to EMPOWER you and coach you to SUCCESS! The health transformation programs where we work closely, meet regularly, have weekly check-ins and support every step of the way using an easy to follow proven success model.


Transitions’ Coaching

Life is full of lessons. Are you feeling stuck? Just coming out of a long term relationship? Or Job? Unsure of your next step?  Wondering where to turn?  Transitions coaching will give you focus, look at past behaviours hanging you up, and create decisiveness to move forward effortlessly. As you experience significant change in your life consider this question: How can I creatively adapt to my changing life? As your reFre5h Teammate I will support you as you experience life transitions and discover renewed meaning, purpose and vitality in your life. Together we face your anxieties and uncertainties and  I will challenge you to consider what you may need to leave behind. We will invent new possibilities for your life; your hopes, dreams and goals of what you really want in life, and who you want to be. We journey into a renewed and exciting future through your creative visioning, renewed empowerment and measurable achievements. I encourage your focus and commitment and hold you accountable to your goals and dreams.


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