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Your re[Fre5h] Teammate


I have always had the passion to learn and grow.  My personal growth and wellness has always been important to me, but I craved more, wanting to understand how I show up in life. How that affected others and how I manage myself in relationships.  I have wanted to live life to the fullest, pursue excellence by being my best self and believe when we are truly true to our WORD and be authentic, we inspire others to do the same.  This passion has led me to my purpose of helping others.

reFre5h was founded with an experiential spirit, with an objective and real desire to want to support others in their journey to create a lifestyle of health and happiness!  I have been where you have been searching for myself and what my life’s purpose is about.  And I am still learning and searching.


A healthy life is a life skill!  And progress equals happiness!

I have learned the choices we make each and every day determine the direction our lives take.  The decisions you make will create abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.  Many people never take the chance to empower themselves by taking real action for personal growth.  I did!  I was fed up with, “just because” and ‘you can’t always have what you want for yourself”.  I called BS…I wanted more for myself, so I am determined to stay on that path and if I can help someone else reach their potential I am going to do just that!

As a Certified Life Coach, educated in the NewStart Life Skills curriculum, recognized by ICF – International Coaches Federation and IAC International Coaches Association, NewStart is a renowned program acknowledged by numerous private and public agencies.  I come with experiential training in other words I needed to work on myself while learning the skills for one on one coaching as well creating and delivering workshops and group facilitation.  Emphasis will be on current behaviours rather than the past history or motivations and focus on the teaching process to help you reach your goals.  I also have training in Emotional Intelligence Coaching (EQ), mastering the competencies in cogitative behaviour (thinking, acting and feeling),  understanding how the development of higher levels of awareness, time and time again prove  to be the single most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, your professional and personal relationships and overall happiness.

I will inspire you with love and compassion and lead you to a place where you are at choice to make changes,

reFre5h and [RE]start your life to what you want it to be for YOU!