Food for Thought

Does food affect biological processes in the brain and play a role in our health issues?  I think – YES!

While using imaging technology to investigate how neurology contributes to dietary disorders, scientists are able to associate the foods people eat to how and what they think, and thus feel and act!

All of the experts in each study had a common goal – to identify a new approach to treat diet-related disorders, while hoping to increase people’s understanding that our diet impacts physical and mental health.


Research shows:

  • An individual’s cognitive function is influenced by nutrition.
  • When people skip breakfast, brain images have demonstrated that the pleasure-seeking portion of the brain becomes turned on after looking at images of foods high in calories.
  • Skipping the first meal of the day also caused subjects to eat more food at lunch, which challenges the idea that fasting is a good way to control diet.  More on fasting to come…as we are now discovering and studies show Intermittent Fasting (IF) – a term for an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating and how it can help to lose weight, improve brain health and may even help you to live longer!
  • After an investigation in rats, experts believe good nutrition can help change people’s behaviour from binge eating.
  • While there has been an increasing concern that diet-related metabolic disorders, including diabetes, harm the brain, a study indicated that a diet high in sugar impacts the brain’s insulin receptors, while undermining spatial learning and memory skills. However, this effect could be somewhat compensated with the intake of omega-3 supplements ~ fish, nut oils, spinach, kale that are rich in brain loving nutrients.

The best menu for brain function encourages blood to the brain:  Eat your veggies!  Be Sweet on berries and cherries.  Get adequate Omega -3 fatty acids and work in foods like walnuts, avocados, nut butters to satisfy midday hunger. These foods are not just good for the brain, they sustain a healthy heart and all parts of the body.  While there is no guarantee food will help you to remember where you put your keys,  it is abundantly clear that good nutrition supports lifelong heath and vitality!!