When Life Gets You Down – Keep Swimming

Tough times are hard, but let them be used to shape who you are meant to be.

I hope that each time I post, I am helping someone out there is who is struggling to find their way and making a difference in the lives of people around me.  I struggle too, I struggle with how I am to move forward in life and how to get out of the defeated hole I have dug for myself.

It’s not easy. I have always found myself in an internal battle with the saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  It’s okay to accept that there are bumps and problems in life. Don’t just try to write them off as opportunities to learn if you’re not accepting that it’s okay that these issues will come up, and that yes, it’s okay to struggle in these times. Times like these are hard, but they are used to shape you into the person you’re meant to be.

I didn’t take a life coaching course to become a coach, though in the back of my mind I hoped I could be one of those people whom others could turn to for support and guidance to get on with the challenges life was giving them.  I enrolled in a coaching course to help myself be a better version of myself. To find out what choices I was making, and how my behaviour was giving me the life I wasn’t happy in, and when I found that I was good at helping others find their voice and courage to ask for what they deserved I pursued being a coach.

I have always been someone who’s a realist and on the edge of a pessimist depending on the situation and context of a situation, especially when it’s a personal issue. With others, I find myself always being more enthusiastic and optimistic. It is a constant struggle for me to always seek to find the good in the times when life seems to just keep beating me down. While I know those times will pass, it’s not always easy to choose to believe that 100%. I’m just being honest. Over the past couple years I have really been trying to focus on my attitude and self-talk when it comes to a tough season in life. Even though it’s hard to choose to be positive and to keep on going, those efforts and shifts in attitudes really make a huge difference.

Anger and  bitterness only bring you down. It’s okay. Your feelings are valid. It’s okay to feel! When it comes to anger and bitterness, try not to dwell there, because they will only end up beating you down even more. It has been a tough year and I was beginning to feel like I was getting chipped away at, and not feeling so about myself, questioning my self-worth, my inner value and started to feel ashamed of where I got to…and didn’t feel good enough.. in my head.  I just felt so defeated and I was angry that these things were happening to me But, sometimes it is more difficult to convince the rest of yourself. I honestly think that the stress I wasn’t releasing and that the bitter taste I was holding onto just distracted me from any kind of joy I might have found in the situation. I best advice is to drop the anger and bitterness. Let yourself find rest.

The truth is, bad situations happen to everyone at some point. It’s not always because of something you did. Sometimes life just happens. Acknowledging that fact will help you to become more free and relieved. Keeping a grateful heart is so, so, so key in trying circumstances. While it may seem impossible to find things to be thankful for in tough times, it’s completely possible. When you start to count your blessings rather than your situations of bad luck, you’ll find more joy in your circumstances.

Sometimes a tough time is just a bad day, but often times it’s a bad week, month, or even longer. It’s always important to remind yourself that you WILL get through it. You will persevere and rise above! In these times of trials, remind yourself of all of the truths! When life gets you down, remember that it’s only shaping you to be a stronger version of yourself.

I have learned lessons through every situation life throws at me, it means even more to me that one day I’ll be able to use my experience to relate and encourage others. It’s amazing to see how trials can be used for good. It’s humbling to be a part of the process of encouraging someone through their own journey.