Skipping The Gym After Work?? Workout with Co-Workers Instead

Here’s a proposal. Instead of skipping the gym for happy hour after work or you just don’t feel like it, why not hit the gym or a Spin class, Barre, Yoga or a walk/run today? I get a workout might be a low priority on a Friday after a long tiring day on the job, or even hanging out with colleagues, but getting fit is so much more rewarding than cocktail hour, your money is better spent investing in yourself – it is literally helping you become a become stronger, healthier and a better version of yourself.

More and more businesses are building fitness opportunities into the workplace as a way to help employees stay fit, healthy, and — not least of all– happy. The hope is that this will, in turn, make good business sense, as well. A noontime workout or post work workout, in general, group fitness should help teams perform better at work.  If you have a deeper relationship with your co-workers, it’s easier to understand what they’re saying and who they are.  It doesn’t always translate to improving the actual work of the team, and the skills learned while suffering through a 5 minute plank might not translate to the work.


There are a few things that do happen while working out with your co-workers.

1. Accountability
Who better to caution you against taking an extra muffin during your coffee break than someone who will be with you during coffee time on weekdays? Or to remind you that you do not need that extra helping of pizza!  Colleagues are around for breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks so they can help you watch your waistline.

2. Same work schedules
If you’re the type who can’t seem to work out without a buddy, having a co-worker as your fitness pal is the best thing ever. Since you both have the same work schedules, there is no excuse to skip pre- or post-work workout with them!

3. Encouragement outside the gym
Often, when we have gym trainers yelling encouraging and motivating phrases at us while we work out, it helps our performance. Having a co-worker who is also a gym buddy is like having a trainer with you all the time. They will be able to encourage and motivate you even after hitting the gym!

4. Team-building
What better way to promote team-building than working out with your team mates from work? When you’re put in a situation where you’re exerting so much physical energy, it is great to have a familiar face cheering you on while spotting you on the weight machine. It is also a good time for bonding and getting to know each other better.

5. It’s good competition
On the flip side, if you’re the competitive type, having a colleague work out with you will draw out that spirit of competition and drive you to really push yourself during those gym sessions!