It’s Simple

Happy New Year Everyone!

With a new year comes new opportunities and change.

So often probably everyone at one time or another has wanted to improve at what he or she is doing or facing currently in their own life and the lives of others and fails because they themselves are not committed. We create the very situation we complain about most and we are never upset for the reason you think we are.

F. A. C. T. facing, accepting, choosing and taking action.

Feelings need to be FACED and everything begins with a choice when our lives are not working, there is always at least one thing we are not facing – look where you are not facing the truth. Look for agreements you are not keeping, perhaps you told someone you wouldn’t do something and did it anyways.

Facing is seeing reality, ACCEPTING is harmonizing with it. Regard life’s experiences as learning opportunities, as challenges to have some part of yourself that most needs ACCEPTANCE.

We are either 100% committed or we are not committed at all. We all have a CHOICE. We are already getting what we are committed to getting. We always get what we are committed to getting. If you are single and not liking it, you’ve committed to being single and not liking it. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be looking for someone to do this for you.

The past is quite literally irrelevant. It has power over us only if we give it the power each moment. Take our minds off the past and the future and focus our ACTIONS instead on the moments that are occurring constantly. If you do this, I guarantee you will not regret it.

The answer is absolutely simple; by being honest with yourself the truth will set you free! Life will open itself up to you once you learn to let go of the past, stop chasing the future and become fully present in our life NOW. Choose YOU, we have been the given the gift of choice, our troubles begin when we lose touch with the flow, the flow of the spirit inside us. Our troubles will end when we remember to ask questions, speak the truth, and be align what happens in our head with what is happening in our hearts.