How You Think You Are

One thing that I have to say is the most important behaviour I have changed this past year is to let go and to break free from the past and to not identify with it.  Breaking free of the past and past behaviour opens up so many opportunities for change.

The beginning of breaking free or letting go lies first in learning to be with the emotional discomfort rather than run away from it. Being with the pain allows you to deal with it, bring acceptance to the present moment – the moment already exists. Feel it, accept it, allow it and choose to do something about it.  You are not the emotion, so don’t identify with it. When you stop identifying with the emotion it doesn’t control your thoughts and you begin to disconnect the link ~ change your thinking, change your emotions.  It has no hold over you any longer.  “Emotion in itself is not unhappiness. Only emotion plus an unhappy story is unhappiness”.  Ekhart Tolle

Knowing yourself goes far deeper than a set of idea and beliefs.  Knowing yourself has nothing to do with whatever ideas you have floating around in your mind or what you identify with. You are not your story!   Your sense of self is determined by what matters to you in your life – and whatever matters to you has the ability to upset and disturb you.  What matters to you isn’t necessarily what you say or believe, it’s what your actions and reactions reveal.  You might want to ask yourself, ” what are the things that upset or disturb me most?”  If these things have power to upset you, you may want to get curious, be still(quiet the mind) and pay attention to what triggers this behaviour.  Become more alert when a challenging situation happens ~ we are never upset for the things that we think.

The power beyond what we perceive – think, feel, act – can shine through once you let go of that identity.